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Gunston Hall is the 1750s home of Ann and George Mason. More than one hundred others--enslaved people, tenant farmers, indentured servants, and wage workers--also lived there. Today, Gunston Hall is a historic site and museum dedicated to stimulating the exploration and understanding of the principles expressed by George Mason in one of America's first rights documents: the 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights.

Recreating a Lost Garden

After decades of researching and planning, we’re restoring the one-acre site to its 18th-century appearance. The Masons left only a few records about the garden. We have supplemented that knowledge with evidence from our archaeological investigations, plant lists from other 18th-century gardens, and period garden manuals in our rare book collection. The new garden includes: • A window revealing part of the original 18th-century pathway in the center of the garden • New, stable pathways throughout that follow the original layout • Heirloom decorative and vegetable plants that were familiar to George Mason • A large, 18th-century-style fence that links the mansion to the garden – just as it did during Mason’s life. Come watch us grow!

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The Riverside Garden

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