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A 1909 Room Room Schoolhouse

Built to represent a 1909 one-room schoolhouse, this exhibit highlights how education in Virginia has changed over the last century. There would be one teacher for all the students who could range in age from elementary grades up through high school. The younger students would sit up front near the teacher and the older ones would sit in the back. Because of farm life and the work that needed to be done on the farm, as many as one-third of eligible students in Loudoun County did not attend school. It wasn’t until 1922 that attendance became mandatory in Virginia.

Segregation in Virginia

In Virginia, there were separate one room schoolhouses for African American Children. This continued until 1954 when the Supreme Court mandated desegregation.

Subjects Taught

The teacher would oftentimes be a former student of the one-room schoolhouse and most likely a female. The teacher would have to teach all the subjects to everyone. The older children would often help the younger children with their work, which reinforced what they had already learned. The most common teaching tool was the McGuffey Readers and individual slate boards. Subjects taught were reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and geography.

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Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum

Ms. Su's Schoolhouse

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